Venerable Amatha Gavesi

Dharma Talks By Late Ven Amatha Gavesi

The following Dharma Talks were delivered by Late Ven. Amatha Gavesi Thera of Sri Lanka during meditation retreats in 1992.

01. Doubts About The Path
02. How To Keep The Mind Silence And Further Progress
03. Dependent Origination
04. EGO
05. Cause And Effect
06. Personality Belief
07. Consciousness And Suffering
08. Impermenance
09. Dukka
10. Karma
11. Five Grasping Groups
12. Desire And The Four Foundation Of Mindfulness
13. The All And Desire
14. Nirodha And Desire
15. The Four Noble Truths Are Within Our Desire
16. Path Of Once Returner And Non Returner
17. Ten Fetters And Stream Entry
18. Five Hindrances
19. Five Factors
20. Five Stages Of Giving Up The Sankara (1)
21. Five Stages Of Giving Up The Sankara (2)
22. The World Is Your Six Sense Base
23. Samadhi In The Development Of The Path
24. Sankhara Desire And Its End
25. Importance Of Mindfulness
26. Formations
27. The Noble Eightfold Path
28. Unique of Buddhist Philosopy
29. Feeling
30. Know & See
31. Nibbana

Singapore Sri Lankaramaya Temple Meditation Retreat 1998

Summary of Meditation Instructions